Travel Packing Guide

Travelling is fun, but it does require a lot of preparation in advance. And the better you are prepared, the easier you will handle unexpected situations. To make things easier...

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Preparing For A Disaster

When emergencies occur, you may need to survive on your own. This means that you cannot rely then on yourself for at least three or...

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First Aid For Cats And Dogs

What should you do when your pet needs first aid as soon as possible, and you are far away from a veterinarian? Our first aid...

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How Can I Use My First Aid Kit To Help My Pet?

The Importance of first aid kit for pets Just like their owners, pets can experience accidents and emergencies at home or when traveling. Since injuries...

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First Aid Kit In The Office

Best First Aid Kit for employers All employers are responsible for keeping their employees safe at work. There are strict regulations regarding the standard workplace...

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The Importance Of First Aid

Is a first aid kit really necessary? Do you ever use it? These questions are frequently asked and some people still think that owning a...

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First Aid Kit For Babies

Do I need a Wow classic First Aid Kit For Babies? When it comes to your baby, knowing that you are prepared in any situation...

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Why You Should Wear A Dust Mask?

Why should I wear a dust mask? Do I really need a dust mask? These are some of the most frequently asked questions when it...

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First Aid For Cuts And Scrapes

If you cook, play, walk and spend time outdoors you know that minor cuts and scrapes are part of a normal life. Especially when you...

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9 First Aid Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

In emergency situations, everyone wants to help, but sometimes an unprofessional may actually harm or endanger the life of an injured person. Almost all of...

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