Site Safety First Aid Kit (200 piece)

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Lifesaver On The Worksite

Tailored for worksite workers and skilled trades. This kit stands as a lifesaver on the job. Brimming with meticulously curated essentials, it serves as your steadfast safety companion for any unexpected emergency. Whether facing a construction site mishap or an abrupt calamity, this kit empowers you to step into the role of the hero.

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• Premium Portability: Encased in a top-notch, portable hard case for impeccable organization on the go.
• Perfectly Sized: Designed for your convenience, this kit is compact and travel-friendly, fitting seamlessly into your daily routine.
• FDA Certified Confidence: Crafted in a contemporary FDA registered facility, rest assured that this product is your reliable ally in times of need.
• Maximum Utility, Minimal Bulk: Lightweight and streamlined, this kit encompasses essential first aid supplies and survival tools in a compact form.

•Worksite Workers
• Skilled trades
• Wide range of trauma injuries
• Sports Medkit

• 1 Carabiner
• 1 First aid brochure
• 1 Scissors
• 1 Tweezers
• 2 Vinyl gloves
• 1 Emergency whistle
• 1 Cotton triangular bandage
• 1 Combine dressing
• 45 Adhesive Bandages Small
• 45 Adhesive Bandages Large
• 30 Butterfly closure bandages
• 5 Knuckle bandage
• 5 Knee/elbow bandage
• 2 Gauze pad (4”x4”)
• 4 Gauze pad (3”x3”)
• 5 Gauze pad (2”x2”)
• 1 First aid tape roll
• 1 Conforming bandage
• 10 Fingertip bandages
• 5 Safety pins
• 1 Instant cold pack
• 2 Eye pad
• 20 First Aid Prep Pads
• 10 Cotton tipped applicators

• Brand - Protect Life
• Number of Pieces -200
• Included Components - Gloves, Bandage, Scissors
• Dimensions - 7.8” x 5.9” x 2.6 inches
• Weight - 1.1 lbs
• Case Material -Hardshell ethylene vinyl


This Site Safety First Aid Kit is an essential companion for worksite workers who understand the importance of being well-prepared for any situation. Designed to cover a wide range of medical emergencies, this kit includes all the essential items required for times of crisis, such as a CPR mask, band-Aids, blanket, tourniquet, and more. Its comprehensive contents ensure that you have the necessary tools to address injuries promptly and effectively. With this kit, you can be ready for anything.

good to know

During a construction job, I accidentally hit my hand with a hammer. The pain was so intense and the injury looked serious, fortunately, I had this First Aid Kit on hand. Quickly treated the injury and was back on track. This kit is a true lifesaver on the job site. - Aaron D.

Customer Reviews

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Chimamanda Amaechi
really good saves live

i love is

Princess Lang
Lots of items in small bag

Lots of stuff in a small bag able to put in my car for road trips

Zeenat Chahal
First aid kit is important when we have toddlers.

It’s very important. I never had one in my home in my 40 years of journey. I am happy when I received it.

Alvah Collins
Exactly as advertised!!

Not much to dislike about the product, nicely packaged and nice zip up pouch food quality would buy again.

Nicolette Pacocha
Small First Aid Kit

This small first aid kit was given to my son as a gift. It's handy, compact & easy to take anywhere from camping, hiking, home use or outdoor activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

While this kit does not include training resources, it's recommended to undergo first aid and CPR training to maximize its effectiveness during emergencies.

While this kit is pre-curated, additional items can be added based on your worksite's specific requirements to enhance its coverage and usability.

Yes, they are latex-free.

The bag is water-resistant, which means it can resist the penetration of water to a certain degree, but not entirely.