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    Why is having a First Aid Kit so important?

    Life is fragile and precious. Emergencies are not scheduled or announced and an emergency situation can happen anywhere and anytime. Hopefully you will never be in this kind of situation without a first aid kit nearby. Here are the top reasons why you should always have a first aid kit at home in your car or in the office: 

    • When help is out of reach a first aid kit becomes your saviour. There are situation when you cannot rely on others, so be prepared! 
    • Control bleeding- if your injury includes blood loss you have only a few minutes to control and stop the bleeding. This is why using good survival first aid kit can buy you precious time the time you need to seek help. 
    • Small injuries can become life threatening injuries. The longer you wait for help the risk of an infection is rising, as well as the severity of a wound. Immediate intervention will reduce the risk, ease the pain and make the recovery faster. 
    • Children and baby safety. Every parent knows that having children comes with scapes, burns and cuts and a first aid kit will help you calmly deal with any situation.
    • Business liability - every single business is obliged by law to have ready-to-use first aid kits when it’s no first response within 10 minutes. If these rules are not respected, you risk enormous punitive damages. 
    • Saving time and money- it is far cheaper to clean a wound or put on a bandage than seek first aid in a clinic. A first aid kit is easily reachable and far more cheaper than a doctor consultation for treating the exact same thing. Our first aid kits can easily be restocked. 
    • Protect life - in emergency situations time is of essence and a first aid kit can help save lives and buy precious time until help arrives. Also being prepared and being able to help others when injury occurs is the perfect reason to want a first aid kit close by.

    Why do I need a First Aid Kit?

    You never know what may happen. When injuries occur, it is important to have a well-equipped first aid kit to hand.

    A first aid kit contains all the medical supplies in case of emergency, perfectly organised, in one location. In this was you avoid to spend precious time looking for various supplies in the house. In case of emergency you open your first aid survival kit and you can fetch everything you need without wasting time. Our recommendation is to keep your first aid kit in a location all the members of your family or office know so they can get it as fast as possible. A first aid kit for home should also contain additional medications suited to your uniques family needs.

    You can take your first aid kit everywhere: in your car, on your boat, when travelling. If accidents occur in the car or near a camp fire you are always ready to take action before helps arrives. 

    Instead of being a helpless witness or a bystander of an accident you can take action and prevent the situation to get worse. A basic knowledge of first aid and a well organised first aid kit (one of our kits _link_ include a first aid guide and brochure) can help save lives. 

    Protecting life is the main purpose of any first aid kit and it should be enough for any of us to be prepared no matter what. Better safe than sorry. 

    Where should I keep a First Aid Kit?

    Protect Life first aid kits are made to resist in almost any type of environment: in your car, at home at office at school or in a backpack. First aid supplies are also recommended for sporting events, recreational activities, stores, restaurants, vehicles and more. We recommend you to keep it within easy reach. 

    A first aid kit should be stored in a designated place, easily reachable (but still out of reach of young children) and ready to take in case you need to leave home quickly. A first aid kit for home should have its own place in the kitchen, in a place 

    protected by dirt, dust or moisture. A dry pantry or an available cabinet it is perfect to keep a fully stocked first aid kit + other essential supplies (food, water, medicines and batteries) for emergency and natural disasters preparedness. Make sure your children old enough to understand the purpose of a first aid kit know its importance and where it is stored. 

    An emergency first aid kit for the office it also usually placed in the receptionist’s desk, in the break room or in a specially designed cabinet, next to the bathrooms. If the office is quite big, you should keep multiple kits around the office. 

    A car first aid kit can be stored either in the trunk, or in the glove box. Our kits easily fit in the glove box so you can reach it without having to stop the car to reach the trunk. 

    When travelling you should take a complete, well-organised first aid kit which can fit in your backpack. Choose a dry, cool location which is easily accessible in your suitcase or pack.

    Do First Aid kits have an expiration date, and what is the shelf life?

    You should not find an expiration date on a first aid kit, displayed on the exterior of the bag/case. Any reliable first aid kit contain a whole range of components and some of them might have expiration dates. The shelf life of the items is usually between 3-5 years, and the expiration dates are marked on each component that requires so( (such as cold compress, abdominal pad, alcohol prep pads, antiseptic cleansing wipes, gauze pad, etc). This is why it is important that you maintain a regular review of your first aid kits and replace the components when needed.

    Can medical kits be taken onto an airplane?

    Our recommendation is to check with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) about items that are prohibited from being brought onto airplanes in carry-ons and/or checked bags.