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Why is having a First Aid Kit so important?


Emergencies can happen anywhere and anytime, at home or at work and everyone must take action to prepare in case something unexpected happens. The first response to an accident is the most important.


Why do I need a First Aid Kit?


Because you never know what may happen. When injuries occur, it is important to have a well-equipped first aid kit to hand.

What are additional medications recommended to be added to my kit?

Each family’s needs are unique, so choose additional medications that suit best.


Where should I keep a First Aid Kit?


It is recommended to keep your kit within easy reach. A well-stocked first-aid kit is a necessity in every car, home, office, and school. First aid supplies are also recommended for sporting events, recreational activities, stores, restaurants, vehicles and more.


Do First Aid kits have an expiration date, and what is the shelf life?


Certain components of the kits may have expiration dates. The shelf life of the items is usually between 3-5 years, and the expiration dates are marked on each component that requires so. It is important that you maintain a regular review of your first aid kits and replace the components when needed.


Can medical kits be taken onto an airplane?

Check with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) about items that are prohibited from being brought onto airplanes in carry-ons and/or checked bags.