The Vehicle Aid Kit For Roadside Emergencies (160 piece)

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Drive Prepared, Arrive Safe

Be prepared for anything the road throws at you with our Vehicle Aid Kit for Roadside Emergencies. This comprehensive kit is specifically designed for drivers, providing you with the essential tools and supplies to handle unexpected mishaps while on the road. Drive with confidence knowing you're prepared for any roadside situation that comes your way.

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• Compact & portable yet contains all first aid and safety preparedness items (200peice)
• Well-organized in multiple compartments, with additional space for personal items.
• Versatile and universal first aid: in your home medical cabinet, college dorm room, school playground or office space.
• Manufactured in a modern FDA registered facility to ensure it wont let you down during natural disasters

• Emergency Med 1st Aid Supplies for Home, college dorm room, school playground or office space.
• Perfect for the wilderness adventures: boating, fishing, hunting, hiking, mountaineering, Traveling, Camping and Survival
• Your personal survival lifesaver
• Wide range of trauma injuries
• Sports Medkit
• Optimized kit for vehicles

• Antiseptic cleansing wipes (6 pcs)

• Prep pads (10 pcs)

• Butterfly closure strips (15 pcs)

• Extra large adhesive bandage (10 pcs)

• Adhesive bandage (40 pcs)

• Knuckle adhesive bandage (5 pcs)

• Fingertip adhesive bandage (10 pcs)

• Gauze swab (8 pcs)

• 1 Instant cold compress

• First aid tape (1 roll)

• Cotton tip applicator (20 pcs)

• 1 Abdominal pad, 1 Rescue howler whistle

• 1 Compass

• 1 Moleskin blister relief

• 1 Triangular bandage

• 1 Emergency blanket

• 1 Glow stick

• 1 Disposable raincoat

• 1 Scissors

• 1 Metal tweezers

• PBT conforming bandage (1 roll)

• 1 CPR mask, Eye pad (2 pcs)

• Elbow/knee bandage (2 pcs)

• Safety pins (5 pcs)

• Povidone-Iodine prep pads (6 pc)

• Non-adherent pad (1 pc)

• Adhesive wound dressing (1 pc)

• First Aid Guide (1 pc)

•First Aid Bag (1 pc)

• First Aid Brochure 1 pc

• Vinyl Gloves (2 pcs).

• Brand - Protect Life
• Number of Pieces -160
• Dimensions - 8.3” x 5.9” x 2.4” inches
• Weight - 1.15 lbs
• Case Material -Fabric Ripstop 600D Polyester


This comprehensive first aid kit is the perfect solution for any medical emergency, whether at home, in your car, traveling, camping, or playing sports. It is FSA eligible and designed to cover a wide range of trauma injuries, making it great for any situation. The kit is equipped with all the necessary items to help you in any medical emergency, such as a CPR mask, bandaids, blanket, tourniquet, and more. With this kit, you can be prepared for any medical situation.

good to know

THIS KIT HAS IT ALL. I have this bag with me AT ALL TIMES. As a former EMT, I'm still in the habit of stopping if I see a car accident, or someone is in distress at the store (if first responders are not already on scene). -- Rachel D.

Customer Reviews

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JC's Cool Movie Vibe!
Great Product

Great product to have around in case of an emergency.

Very well stocked!

Present for my grandsons vehicle! Very well stocked and practical size for storage.

Jennifer Bredfeldt
One of the not so good products I've purchased

This is a very small bag with lots of little stuff I already have in my medicine chest. I would not buy this product in my opinion, not worth the cost

wendy nassar
Everything you need in one bag

First aid products as well as survival necessities

Todd W. Arnold
Good content, but organization could better

This kit has pretty good content, but everything is bunched together in a few packets so that you can't see what is there or find what you need quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first aid kit has a total of 150 pieces inside.

Yes, there is some wiggle room for a few more items.

The shelf life of the items inside the kit is between 3-5 years, and the expiration dates are marked on each item that requires so.

Yes, the emergency blanket can be used to keep you warm, as it reflects body heat back to the body. Other uses include making a toasty sleeping bag for a child or a temporary shelter.