About Us

Life is a gift, life is precious, life is fragile. Protect life! 

We are a team of doctors and CPR instructors who share the same vision: there is nothing more important than protecting life. A first aid kit survival is definitely not a nice-to-have, but a life-savior in any situation. During our extended work experience, we have seen the best and the worst happening and some medical supplies can really make a difference between life and death.This is why we spent years perfecting our emergency kit, adding or removing supplies that will provide the essential protection that one might need in any potentially life-threatening situation. The First Aid Kit Survival contains only products which are manufactured in a modern FDA registered facility, which provides a wide range of products for Lifeguard Agencies, Fire Departments, Hospitals, Governmental Agencies, Schools, CPR Instructors, as well as businesses and families.

Our vision

We believe that protecting yourself and others means protecting life. This is why at Protect Life we are a big family, taking care of each other and taking care of our customers. We strive to provide the best customer experience, the best customer support and we make sure our kits always contain products which meet the highest standards of excellence. 

Our Mission 

Protect life is about being ready, prepared with the essential protection, never compromising wherever you are. We build emergency, first aid survival kits you can use in your daily life for home, road trips, travel, office, school, sports, workplace, camping, boating, kayaking, hiking and any other adventure you can think of. Whether you're traveling the world or just venturing outdoors for the day, your safety is vital. Our first aid kits cover the essentials to keep you and your loved ones safe in a variety of situations. 

Peter’s story, one of our team members 

Before deciding to dedicate my career to saving and protecting life, I faced the danger of losing someone I loved dearly. Imagine a day like any other, in a home considered safe. Imagine your world turning upside down as a child and a normal situation turning into a horrible emergency, counting the minutes until de ER unit came and rescue someone you loved as much as life. I never thought we should have been prepared, I thought that we could face anything, but apparently, we were so wrong. My story is a happy one, because my father and I were at home, close to the hospital, although a silly home accident might have been fatal for my dad, my hero. This situation changed our lives and after almost losing my father I thought the real heroes are the ones who save and protect life. I never stopped wondering what might have happened if we weren't home, but elsewhere, far from civilization? My father was an avid hiker, love to camp, go fishing with his boys and he lived an adventurous life. My name is Peter and I am a CPR instructor, a nature lover and I live my life without fear. I am a husband, I am a father and a recently became a grandfather and my family's protection has always come first. A family means taking care of each other. Safety has always been a top priority for me and during my long years of activity, I have always tried to be prepared for the worst and to teach my kids to know what to do in an emergency situation. I had a big bag of medical supplies I constantly improved. I had one in my house, in my car and I even took it with me when I was going camping with my wife and kids.So when a dedicated team approached me to fulfill the perfect first aid kit that could save a life in a wide range of situations that could become life-threatening, I was honored and happy. I am extremely proud that I could use my 25+ years experience to perfect the necessary of medical supplies any emergency kit should have. I really wish you will never have to open it and that your life will never be in any danger, of any kind. What life has thought me so far is to always be prepared and live your life without fear, as you want to.