First Aid Kit In The Office

Best First Aid Kit for employers

All employers are responsible for keeping their employees safe at work. There are strict regulations regarding the standard workplace safety requirements as the employers must provide the proper equipment, facilities, and first aid training, as well as specific personnel to ensure that staff members can receive immediate medical attention if injured or taken ill at work.

It is also the duty of the employer to make the assessment for a comprehensive best first aid kit according to the workplace needs and potential hazards, therefore each individual emergency kit may vary in contents according to different requirements: for example, in low hazard environments such as offices and shops, the first aid kit contents are notably different from high hazard environments, such as warehouses, construction sites or factories. 

best first aid kit in the office

Keep all your employees safe by having best first aid kit in the office

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that is mandatory that small offices and worksites have a ready to use, well-stocked best first aid kit for its employees. If the office has more than 4 employees, you might need another kit or add more medical supplies. 

Protect Life best first aid kits are suitable to use in offices and workplaces, as they are less expensive and time-consuming to purchase than building one or two first aid kits from scratch. Plus, they contain almost all the required medical items according to OSHA standards and more medical items you might need and use in case of emergency. 

The basic office first aid kit should contain the following items: 

  • gauze pads, in different sizes. You never have enough and they are the first which need to be restocked; 
  • adhesive bandages, another essential of any first aid kit; 
  • roller bandage, to secure dressings in place, especially on limbs; 
  • the triangular bandage used as a sling or pad; 
  • wound cleaning agent - our povidone-iodine prep pads work just fine; 
  • scissors, to cut pads and bandages;
  • a blanket (the emergency blanket) to reduce heat loss;
  • tweezers, to remove splinters, glass shards or other fine objects that have become lodged in the skin; 
  • gloves, to prevent cross-contamination; 
  • adhesive tape - you can use our first aid adhesive wound dressings, 
  • resuscitation equipment (CPR mask), to safely deliver rescue breaths during a cardiac or respiratory arrest; 
  • splint - to keep an injured part from moving and to protect it from further damage; 
  • elastic wraps to apply pressure on a localized area; 
  • clear directions to request emergency assistance. 

Our first aid kits contain more than 150 items; you can also add specialized components such as our disposable N95 dust masks, which are designed to meet the needs of various concerns — such as offices where there is a risk of chemical exposure.

The emergency office kits should not be tossed into the closet and left there until there is an emergency or used without restocking the medical supplies. 

Furthermore, the first aid kits must be easily accessible, stored in dry and cool places and all employees should know where they are, when to use them and how to get to them in an emergency situation. A small cabinet, located in the break room or near the bathroom, away from the windows and food is the best place to keep it. Make sure you restock supplies and check your kit once per month so that you are always prepared. 

best first aid in the workplace

According to your specific employee's medical needs, you might consider making additions such as pain medication, antihistaminic, but you should inform your employees of the risks of using these medicines upon hire. 

A medical emergency plan is another to-do and a simple first aid training for all your employees can really make a difference in a scary situation. Everyone in the office should know how to use the first aid kit or find in the brochure proper information.

Don’t risk your employees’ health! Pick your emergency first aid kit today, with fast delivery available on all orders.

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