Why You Should Wear A Dust Mask?

Why should I wear a dust mask? Do I really need a dust mask?

These are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to dust masks and respirators and their use. 

The main purpose of a dust mask

The main purpose of a dust mask is to protect the wearer and prevent illness, more specifically preventing the development of respiratory illnesses. These types of problems can reduce the quality of life as well as its length. 

Dust masks are most often used at work in hazardous environments where there is the risk of inhaling dangerous substances which can cause coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath or breathing difficulties. 

Unfortunately, any long term exposure to dangerous chemicals and particles can lead to death. Even a few minutes of exposure can provoke illness and although the human eye cannot perceive these hazardous substances, they still represent a real danger to our health. 

At the workplace, the employer is responsible for looking after the employees’ health and safety while working. If your employer, after assessing the health risks, chooses to use dust masks, then the selected dust masks should be worn even for small or quick jobs which don’t take more than a few minutes. Long term effects can harm your future health! Make sure you receive the proper training on how to wear and how to use correctly the dust mask.

Dust maks respirator

Besides the workplace, there are many other situations when it is recommended to use a dust mask, a particulate respirator that purifies the air you breathe guarding your lungs against potentially dangerous hazardous particles. When you do home improvement activities, arts and crafts or even gardening there are situations when contaminants as dust, mold spores, sprays or pollen can be in the air you’re breathing.

When do I need a dust mask?

Our survival specialists recommend having a pack of disposable dust maks close to your first aid kit and to use them anytime you engage in activities that might produce dust, such as spray painting, grinding or sweeping. 

Dust Mask for do-it-yourself projects

If you are a fan of do-it-yourself projects (such as building, tilting, insulating a building) or you just like spending time outdoors gardening mowing or blowing leaves you should protect your health by wearing a dust mask to breathe more easily, safer and more comfortable. Every dirty job or any job which involves dust should be the moment when you reach out to your disposable dust mask pack. 

The dust particles can be considered dangerous if we take into account the dust amount in the air and how long someone have been exposed to it. Dust particles which are small enough to be inhaled may cause from irritation of the eyes to hay fever. Especially if you have a respiratory condition or a family history as asthma even small increases in dust concentrations can worsen the symptoms. 

Dust Mask for DIY and cleaning

If you need to disinfect your home and plan to use different chlorine-based cleaning products you should wear a dust mask. If any of the products used have a label that states “avoid breathing vapors or mist” it is mandatory to wear a respirator. The respirator allows you to clean your house without having your nasal pages or sinuses irritated.

dust mask for DIY and cleaning

Interested in safely pursuing your hobby in art?

Then you should know that most artists work a lot in dusty or misty environments. This is why wearing a dust mask can protect your lungs from potentially dangerous materials such as paints, chemicals, charcoals or clay. 

Dust mask respirator protection from Allergens

You can take your antihistaminics and still sneeze, have itchy eyes or suffer from asthma if you are not protected from seasonal pollen or mold spores. The situation gets worse for allergy sufferers in the spring or in the autumn as most people undergo large cleanup projects and fill in the air with more irritating airborne allergens. One of the most effective and cheapest ways to prevent allergies is to use a respirator. It is easy, comfortable and cheap! 

Dust mask respirator for allergies

Dust mark for emergency situations

Our survival specialists recommend a pack of particulate respirators (or at least one for every member of your family) to keep near your survival first aid kit. There are natural emergencies such as earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes or even volcanic eruptions which can cause high volumes of dust and smoke in the air which harm lung tissues and there are man-made emergencies such as wars or chemical attack. Adding the respirators to your emergency first aid kit will offer more protection to you and your family members in any kind of condition. 

emergency dust mask

Our dust masks are NIOSH approved and filter 95% of the airborne particles. They meet the highest protection standards and strongly reduce the chances of developing respiratory problems. They are odorless, skin-friendly and comfortable. Order your pack today! 

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