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Halloween Safety Tips & Tricks

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Halloween is a really fun holiday for the young ones, but it also poses certain dangers for them. With the Hallows’ Evening just around the corner, let’s take a look at a few tips to stay safe:

  1. Be careful with decorative contact lenses – changing the color of your eyes into a spooky one or having a cool pattern may seem like a lot of fun, but it could seriously damage your eyes. Make sure to get an eye check first, and only use a contact lens prescribed by a professional. He/she will also train you on how to properly apply and remove the lens
  1. Wear a flame resistant costume – with so many candles and Jack-o’-lanterns around, there comes a high risk of putting your costume on fire. So that’s why it is highly important to choose one that is fire-proof. In case you make your own, use flame resistant materials such as polyester or nylon

Halloween Safety Tips & Tricks

  1. Wear bright, reflective costumes – or in case you’re a parent, make sure that your child has such a costume (you can also add strips of reflective tape on it). Walking through the neighborhood in the dark for trick or treating can be quite dangerous, especially in a crowded area with lots of cars. Also instruct the kids to look both ways and only cross the road on established crosswalks
  1. Avoid costumes that are too long - This one also goes out for the little ones, as they are more prone of tripping and falling down
  1. Avoid masks or make sure you can see through them – wear makeup and a hat instead of a mask, and if it’s really necessary to use one, make sure you can properly see through it, especially when walking on the streets in the night
  1. Test the makeup first – if you are planning to seriously cover your face in all sorts of chemicals, make sure to test it first. Test it on a small portion of skin and see if you develop a rash, redness or swelling. If that’s the case, definitely do not use that substance on your face
  1. Eat before trick-or-treating – that way you (or your kids) will not engorge on too much candy that could make you feel sick. Collect as many as you can, but save them for later too. Also inspect them at home to make sure they are not expired or have tears in the wrapper. Avoid products that are not commercially wrapped
  1. Remove all choking hazards – this tip applies if you have very small children or pets. Hide or keep out of reach items like gum, peanuts, hard candies, small toys and decorations
  1. Have a first aid kit at home – in case something bad happens to a child and he/she happens to be nearby your home, you can give them the much needed first aid. We have lots of kits in store, for every needs and budgets.
  1. Go easy on the black licorice – this is a delicious Halloween treat, but experts claim that too much of it can cause an irregular heart rhythm
  1. Give your child safe accessories – adding a real sword or knife to a costume would make it so much more fun, but also too dangerous. Make sure that such accessories are soft and flexible
  1. Instruct the kids – besides teaching the kids how to cross the road, also tell them to only visit trusted and well-lit houses. Make sure they avoid dark houses and never accept rides from strangers

So here were some useful tips to help you and the kids stay safe for Halloween. Have fun, and don’t forget to get your first aid kit at this link.

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