Do N95 Dust Masks Filter Out Smoke?

The smoke is one of the many dangers posed by fire, and one of the first things that people think of when dealing with a large fire is respiratory protection. Wildfires can contribute to air pollution, and getting exposed to large quantities of smoke can cause respiratory problems, especially to those already suffering from an existing condition, like asthma.

When large quantities of fire smoke are present in your area, you should avoid going out as much as possible. When you really need to leave the house, using a N95 or N100 disposable mask is mandatory. So the question raised by many people is:

Will A Dust Mask Protect Me Against Fire Smoke?

The classic nuisance masks made of paper are useless against smoke because they do not filter very small particles. Besides that, they do not fit perfectly on the face, leaving empty spaces, allowing the smoke to enter your lungs.

Do N95 Dust Masks Filter Out Smoke?

The N95 masks do offer protection, filtering 95% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. They will not filter hazardous gasses or formaldehyde and they will not provide oxygen (there are other types of masks for that), but they will offer the needed basic protection against smoke.

Are They Good For Children?

The simple answer is: no! Most masks are designed for adults, so they will not fit on a child’s face. This will create leaks and there will be no protection against harmful particles.

But the good news is that there are special masks made just for kids, and we have them in-store. Click here to get yours now! Whether they are for children or adults, masks need to fit perfectly on someone’s face. For that to happen, adults need to have a clean shave.

Protection Is Essential

Avoid having respiratory issues and complications in the future by simply wearing a NIOSH approved dust mask (or a better one in case you are dealing with harmful substances or a lack of oxygen). Make sure that the mask perfectly fits on your face, and that you throw it away and get a new one when:

  • It gets dirty
  • It gets broken or has a hole in it
  • It was used by someone else
  • It was worn for more than 8 hours straight

For a wide variety of high-quality N95 NIOSH approved masks, we invite you to have a look in our store.

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