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Survival First Aid Kit for Car, Home, Camping, Hiking | 150 pieces


Wherever you go, make sure you pack your first aid kit in case of unexpected situations. How can you make sure you and your loved ones will stay safe in case of an emergency? 

This comprehensive survival kit has it all: over 150 medical components rigorously selected to cover the needs in case of emergency and a durable case which perfectly fits in your car, backpack, home or office. It’s the ideal survival kit for families, extended trips and other adventure. 

In case of an earthquake, a disaster or a medical emergency you are prepared, ready to take action and to protect lives. Stay safe and take your survival first aid kit everywhere you go!



CUSTOMISED to address a wide range of injuries, the kit features a perfect selection of medical components that you are most often needed in case of emergency. Refill your emergency kit when necessary.

DURABLE CASE. Comes packaged in a high quality, a semi-hard carrying case that keeps the first aid contents organized. The convenient size makes it easy to store in your car, to take with you on hikes, camping, sporting events or more. Compact and lightweight, yet holds all the basic first aid supplies and survival items.

TAKE THE FIRST STEP TO PREPARE. Make sure to store it in your bug out bag, backpack, vehicle glove compartment or med cabinet for quick access. Ideal for families, extended trips and other adventure. Recommended for Home, Office, Kitchen, Road Trips, Backpacking, Travel, Boat and more. 

HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS. Manufactured with the finest equipment in a modern FDA registered facility, you can be sure of a first-aid kit that will not let you down in case of emergency (especially if you live in Earthquake Prone Areas or exposed to other natural disasters).


The Survival First Aid has no less than 150 essential medical components, most often used in a variety of minor or major emergencies:

• Carabiner- lightweight and durable it is used to safely and reversibly connect components.

• First Aid Brochure - our first aid training brochure can help you meet the health and safety requirements for any environment including your business (emergency first aid at work).

• Scissors - an essential item of any first aid kit; it can be used in so many ways, for medical or other purposes. 

Tweezers - very easy to use to safely remove ticks or splinters, dirt or glass from a wound. If you need precision, you need a good pair of tweezers. 

• First Aid Disposable Gloves - for your own personal protection as they prevent cross-contamination.

• Emergency whistle speaks for itself, but this whistle saved many lives in all kind of disaster situations. Remember Titanic?

Cotton triangular bandage - this first aid item it is commonly used in orthopedic accidents or as a trauma pad, but it has so many utilities that most survival experts find new ways to use them for different purposes.

First Aid combines dressing - highly absorbent, made of thick cotton so as to protect the wound and reduce the risk of infection. 

• First Aid Prep Pads for cleaning the area around a wound, for disinfection or even to start a fire in case of emergency.

Adhesive Bandage (Band-Aid), from small to large, for knuckles and fingertips, the adhesive bandages are normally used to protect the minor wound from dirt, bacteria, friction caused by clothes and to ease the healing process.

• Butterfly Closure Bandages - a small cut or wound can transform a pleasant event into an annoying one. This is why these thin closure bandages are part of our emergency survival kit, ready to be applied in order to close small wounds.

• First Aid Elbow/Knee Bandage for covering minor cuts, abrasions which occur so often, especially when children play outdoors. This type of bandage ensure free movement and let the wound breathe, which means a faster natural healing process.

• Gauze Pads, various sizes - which can be used in emergency situations as safely stopping excessive bleeding, to clean almost any type of wounds or to apply for medicines in form of an ointment.

First Aid Tape roll - to hold the bandage onto a wound, for sports injuries, it is an extremely versatile first aid essential.

• Conforming bandage - extremely important in any first aid intervention as it has the ability to secure dressings on limbs. 

• Safety Pins are used in so many ways, from repairing clothing, applying first aid or fishing, that they have become an essential of any first aid kit.

• Instant cold compress- as it requires no water or pre-chilling, this portable compress can be immediately used as a relief for pain or reduce swelling in case of sprains, sore joints or aches. 

• Eye Pad - ready to use, the sterile eye pad protect the injured eyes from further injury or prevent infection and strain. 

• Durable case - this survival first aid kit comes packaged in a high quality, a semi-hard carrying case that keeps the first aid contents organized. 

Our products are designed to protect and save lives. The contents of this survival kit have been improved over time, based on our customer's feedback. If you need any further information regarding our first aid kits, please contact us and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

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