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Emergency First Aid Kit 160 pieces


Looking for the perfect emergency survival kit for car, when traveling, at home, and according to dozens of great reviews, and impeccable emergency kit for office? You just found it! 

This survival kit was designed as an emergency preparedness kit, well-stocked and ready-to-use, with 160 medical supplies one can use in various emergency situations. 

The first aid kit perfectly suits your vehicle or even in the office. Emergency situations more likely occur when you’re not in the safety of your home. This is why you need to be prepared with aid supplies that can treat minor injuries as well as major emergencies. 


UPGRADED with valuable medical supplies, based on customers' feedback. Complete first aid kit optimized for a large variety of injuries. Recommended for most daily use or survival adventures: Car, Home, Office, School, Road Trips, Camping, Hiking, Travel, Sports, Workplace, and more. See the product images and read the descriptions of its full list of contents.

HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS. Manufactured with the finest equipment in a modern FDA registered facility, you can be sure of a first-aid kit that will not let you down in case of emergency (especially if you live in Earthquake Prone Areas or exposed to other natural disasters).

DURABLE & COMPACT (7.5" x 5.1" x 2", weighs only 1.1 pounds) first aid bag that's easy to carry, small and lightweight, yet holds all the essential emergency supplies (150 pieces with great shelf life). Having first aid supplies and preparedness items gathered ahead of time will help you handle an emergency at a moment's notice. Includes CPR Mask, Instant Ice Pack, Emergency Blanket, Compass & other Survival Tools.

BE PREPARED for any situation that may arise. Make sure you store it in your bug out bag, backpack, boat, vehicle glove compartment or med cabinet for quick and easy access. Keep your family safe by simply taking the first step to prepare. Refill your emergency kit when necessary. 


The 160 pieces first aid kit contains essential, ready-to-use medical supplies for various emergency situations: 

Antiseptic Cleaning Wipes, ready to use to create a sterile environment on the skin or any other surface to which they are applied.

Alcohol Prep Pad for cleaning the area around a wound, for disinfection, or even to start a fire in case of emergency.

Butterfly Closure Strips - a small cut or wound can transform a pleasant event into an annoying one. This is why these thin adhesive strips are part of our emergency kit, ready to be applied in order to close small wounds.

Adhesive Bandages (Band-Aid) from extra-large, to standard and small size, a band-aid for fingertips and knuckles. These adhesive bandages are normally used to protect wounds from dirt, bacteria, friction caused by clothes, and to ease the healing process. They are flexible enough to cover and protect even large cuts or scapes. 

Gauze swab - used in general in first response to injuries, safely stopping the excessive bleeding as they are highly absorbent. Used also to clean almost any type of wounds or to apply for medicines in the form of an ointment.

Instant cold compress- as it requires no water or pre-chilling, this portable compress can be immediately used as a relief for pain or reduce swelling in case of sprains, sore joints or aches 

Roll first aid pad - the first aid roll pads are designed for bandaging wounds and binding dressings. 

Cotton Tip Applicator - used to clean difficult areas or to apply treatments on the skin, or even to remove debris from a wound, infected or burned area.

First aid abdominal pad - sterile and designed to be highly absorbent, this abdominal compress can be used to cover a bleeding abdominal wound. 

Rescue howler whistle speaks for itself, but this whistle saved many lives in all kinds of disaster situations. Remember Titanic?

Compass - one of the first accurate methods used by humankind to find the right way, who changed the way in which people travel. An essential element if you are outdoors, camping, hiking, hunting, exploring without a mobile signal or GPS.

• Moleskin Blister Relief - when you cannot walk, hike or run because of the inflammation and soreness brought in by the annoying blisters, the moleskin relief bandages will help you continue your adventure or your workout, no matter where you are.

• Triangular bandage - this first aid item is commonly used in orthopedic accidents or as a trauma pad, but it has so many utilities that most survival experts find new ways to use them for different purposes.

• Emergency blanket or first aid blanket - its main purpose is to prevent hypothermia, to reduce heat loss, to keep you warm. The survival experts have found more than 50 other uses, from using it as a lure to catch fish to improvising a warm rain shelter or using it to cook food.

Glow Stick - use it for entertainment, to light up your camping site, or to keep your group together or use it as a flashlight when walking in the dark.

• Disposable Raincoat - besides keeping you dry, the disposable raincoat can be used in as many ways as you can imagine, depending on the emergency situation you're facing: from helping you build a waterproof shelter, to saving you from dehydration by collecting rainwater or just having an extra trash bag when camping, there are so numerous ways to use this item.

• Scissors - A good pair of scissors is one the most important essential of any first aid kit, as it can be used in so many ways, from minor accidents to major trauma.

Metal tweezers - very easy to use to safely remove ticks or splinters, dirt or glass from a wound. If you need precision, you need a good pair of metal tweezers.

Roll PBT Conforming bandage - extremely important in any first aid intervention as it has the ability to secure dressings on limbs.

• First Aid CPR Face Mask - usually known as a CPR, pocket or pocket face mask is vital for resuscitation, for safely delivering rescue breaths during a sudden cardiac or respiratory arrest.

• Eye Pad - ready to use, the sterile eye pad protect the injured eyes from further injury or prevent infection and strain.

First Aid Elbow/Knee Bandage for covering minor cuts, abrasions which occur so often, especially when children play outdoors. This type of bandage ensure free movement and let the wound breathe, which means a faster natural healing process.

• Safety Pins are used in so many ways, from repairing clothing, applying first aid or fishing, that they have become an essential of any first aid kit.

Povidone-iodine prep pads  - these sterile pads are saturated with a 10% povidone-iodine antiseptic solution which gives them the ability to cancel the risk of infection in case of burns, scrapes or minor cuts. 

• First Aid Non-Adherent Pad - will not stick to the wound, nor leave residue inside the wound bed.

• First Aid Adhesive Wound Dressing - ready for use in order to prevent and even eliminate any risk of infection and wound/trauma protection. 

• First Aid Guide  - our first aid guide provides basic information regarding the necessary caregiving actions which need to be taken in a various range of emergency situations including CPR techniques, burns, choking, stroke, allergic reactions, orthopedic trauma and more. 

• First Aid Bag - this emergency survival kit needs to be kept in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children.

• First Aid Brochure - our first aid training brochure can help you meet the health and safety requirements for any environment including your business (emergency first aid at work). 

First Aid Disposable Gloves - for your own personal protection as they prevent cross-contamination.

Our products are designed to protect and save lives. The contents of this emergency survival kit have been improved based on our customer's feedback. If you need any further information regarding our first aid kits, please contact us and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter! 

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Tikia B.
United States United States
Worth the purchase

I like that the kit is small and compact. It has the basics one would need in an emergency. I also like that it comes with one n95. Overall I'm happy with my purchase.

Great first aid kit with all the essentials.

Exactly what I was looking for!

Very Useful

I told myself I needed to get a First Aid Kit and this has everything I need. The owner even emails a very useful PDF booklet of various medical issues and how to resolve them.

Good Quality

Perfect size

Great Product

I got this for my car. Hopefully I won't need it but I like to be prepared. Included is a handy guide to help you quickly decide what to do should you be in a difficult situation.

Good product good price

Compact yet has what you need for minor injuries cuts and scrapes.

Decent kit

Decent first aid kit. Appears to have the 160 items as advertised. I will say the case is a lot smaller than it looks online. I took some pics against a dollar bill for perspective on scale. The Velcro inside the pouches were poorly sewn and hanging barely holding on when it arrived.


A+ Product that does/is exactly whats stated in the description. Will Purchase again & recommend to others who may be seeking this particular product.

Very good

First aid on the go is really nice to have has everything you need for a emergency boo boos

Love it

Love it