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First Aid Kit for Home, Car & Hiking | First Aid Kit List

First Aid Kit for Home, Car & Hiking | First Aid Kit List

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THIS KIT HAS IT ALL. I have this bag with me AT ALL TIMES. As a former EMT, I'm still in the habit of stopping if I see a car accident, or someone is in distress at the store (if first responders are not already on scene). -- Rachel D.

Are you prepared for emergencies? First Aid Kit for Home, Car & Hiking is here!

When injuries occur, it is important to have a well-equipped first aid kit to hand. Emergencies can happen anywhere, at home or at work, and everyone must take action to prepare. Always make sure you have your first aid kit within easy reach. Be prepared and upgrade your car, home, bug out bag or camping gear. We’ve designed a first aid kit to give you peace of mind knowing that it contains all the essential items you need in times of crisis.




✓ CUSTOMISED to address a wide range of injuries, the 1st aid kit features a perfect selection of medical components that you are most often needed in case of emergency. Refill your emergency kit when necessary.

✓ DURABLE CASE & ORGANIZED INTERIOR. Comes packaged in a high quality, a semi-hard carrying case that keeps the first aid contents organized. The convenient size makes it easy to store in your car, to take with you on hikes, camping, sporting events or more. Compact and lightweight, yet holds all the basic first aid supplies and survival items.

✓ TAKE THE FIRST STEP TO PREPARE. Make sure to store it in your bug out bag, backpack, vehicle glove compartment or med cabinet for quick access. Ideal for families, extended trips and other adventure. Recommended for Home, Office, Kitchen, Road Trips, Backpacking, Travel, Boat and more. 

✓ HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS. Manufactured with the finest equipment in a modern FDA registered facility, you can be sure of a first-aid kit that will not let you down in case of emergency (especially if you live in Earthquake Prone Areas or exposed to other natural disasters).

Our products are designed to protect and save lives. The contents of this emergency kit have been improved over time, based on our customer's feedback. If you need any further information regarding our first aid kits, please contact us or read our blog post about Travel Tips and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter!



• 1 Carabiner

• 1 First aid brochure

• 1 Scissors

• 1 Tweezers

• 2 Vinyl gloves

• 1 Emergency whistle

• 1 Cotton triangular bandage

• 1 Combine dressing

• 45 Adhesive Bandages Small

• 45 Adhesive Bandages Large

• 30 Butterfly closure bandages

• 5 Knuckle bandage

• 5 Knee/elbow bandage

• 2 Gauze pad (4”x4”)

• 4 Gauze pad (3”x3”)

• 5 Gauze pad (2”x2”)

• 1 First aid tape roll

• 1 Conforming bandage

• 10 Fingertip bandages

• 5 Safety pins

• 1 Instant cold pack

• 2 Eye pad

• 20 First Aid Prep Pads

• 10 Cotton tipped applicators

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