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First Aid Kit Supplies for Home, Camping & Backpacking

First Aid Kit Supplies for Home, Camping & Backpacking

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THIS KIT HAS IT ALL. I have this bag with me AT ALL TIMES. As a former EMT, I'm still in the habit of stopping if I see a car accident, or someone is in distress at the store (if first responders are not already on scene). -- Rachel D.

    ARE YOU PREPARED FOR AN EMERGENCY? When injuries occur, it is important to have a well equipped first aid kit to hand.

    First Aid Kit Supplies for Home, Camping & Backpacking

    Emergencies can happen anywhere, at home or at work, and everyone must take action to prepare in case something unexpected happens.

    We've worked closely with medical teams to ensure that our first-aid kits are fully stocked to cover a wide range of common injuries.

    With 200 pieces, easily portable, lightweight, and containing an extensive selection of medical supplies for emergency preparedness, the First-aid Kit is a great pick for taking it into your car, at home, when traveling or camping as well as when doing sports.

    What you'll love about it:

    ✓ IT’S OUR MOST COMPREHENSIVE KIT, having the perfect selection of medical and survival supplies. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your kit is packed with everything you need in times of crisis.

    ✓ DURABLE BAG. Designed to be tough, the bag is crafted with ripstop fabric and strong zipper, which provide that extra level of durability and protection. The internal layout is organized whilst the pack is compact and fairly lightweight.

    ✓ YOU CAN TAKE IT ANYWHERE. This kit is made to get you through a wilderness trip, a drive across the country, or just around your own home for daily misshapes. Ideal for Car, Home, Office, Camping, Travel, Sports and more.

    ✓ HIGHEST STANDARDS. Designed by a team with safety service background and manufactured in a modern FDA registered facility.

    ✓ VALUE. To build a first aid kit with the same selection of items, will take a lot of time and will cost you way more.

    Our products are designed to protect and save lives. The contents of this emergency kit have been improved over time, based on our customer's feedback. If you need any further information regarding our first aid kits, please contact us or read our blog post about Why Every Home Should Have a First Aid Kit and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter! 


    1 Abdominal pad

    • 5 Extra large adhesive bandages

    • 30 Standard size adhesive bandages

    • 5 Knuckle Adhesive Bandages

    • 5 Fingertips adhesive bandages

    • 20 Small size adhesive bandages

    • 3 Adhesive wound dressing

    • 20 Alcohol prep pads

    • 10 Antiseptic cleansing wipes

    • 5 Butterfly closure strip

    • 1 Compass

    • 40 Cotton tipped applicators

    • 10 Cotton balls

    • 1 CPR facemask


    • 1 Disposable cold compress

    • 1 Disposable raincoat

    • 2 Disposable gloves

    • 2 Elbow/knee bandages

    • 1 Emergency blanket

    • 2 Eye pads

    • 1 First aid tape

    • 3 Gauze pads

    • 1 Glow stick

    • 1 Tweezers

    • 1 Scissors

    • 1 Moleskin blister relief

    • 3 Non-adherent pads

    • 3 Non woven wound pads

    • 1 PBT conforming bandage 5cm x 4.5m

    • 1 PBT

    Get your First Aid Kit delivered to your door now!

    We have worked closely with medical teams to ensure that our first aid kits are equipped to cover a wide range of common injuries.

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