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Protect Life - Kids Face Mask - 50 pack - Children Mask

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  • Box of 50 Kids Face Masks - Suitable for children activities, such as school crafts & DIY projects, pet grooming, woodworking, gardening, indoor or outdoor playing, traveling to polluted cities.

  •  DESIGNED TO PROTECT against particles such as wood, passive smoke coming from wildfires, grass clippings, allergens, vehicle exhaust, mold spores and certain other solid substances free of oil.

  • CONTOUR FIT DESIGN FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT. Thanks to the adjustable noseband and fastening straps, it is comfortable and can be adapted to any face shape.

  • CONVENIENT FOLD perfect to store in a pocket, bag or even a lunch box. It will not distort or get damaged, it will be ready to use at any time.
  • Odorless, skin-friendly, and comfortable material.