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Disposable Dust Masks with Exhalation Valve (15 pack) | N95 Particulate Respirators


The dust mask with exhalation valve was created by Protect Life specialists to ensure a constant flow of air free of any harmful particles. No more hot air and sweating building up under the dust mask, especially when working in a warm environment; these great disposable dust masks protect your lungs and your comfort!

The exhalation valve works by drawing the hot exhaled air out and away, which is more than important when working with eyeglasses or other protective equipment, ensuring you work more efficiently, without fogged glasses.

This lightweight dust mask is approved by NIOSH as an N95 respirator, meeting the NIOSH 42 CFR 84 respirator certification requirements. It protects the wearer against allergens, cutting grass, dust, mold, pollen, sanding and welding. The dust masks with exhalation valve ensure easy breathing and talking. The breathing valve and the double coating guarantee the best protection even in extreme situations, providing comfortable on-the-job protection.


✓ Box of 15 Disposable N95 Masks suitable for home and professional use, indoor or outdoor, for cleaning activities, mowing, gardening, sweeping and dusting. ✓ NIOSH APPROVED, you can be sure of an efficient filtration of airborne particles free of oil, the best way to protect yourself and your lungs.
✓ DESIGNED TO PROTECT against particles such as those from grinding, sanding, sweeping, sawing, bagging or, coal, iron ore, flour, metal, wood, pollen, pet hair, dander, mold spores and certain other solid substances free of oil.
✓ EASY BREATHING & SPEAKING, due to the exhalation valve which reduces heat, moisture and fogging build-up inside. The breathing valve and the double coating guarantee the best protection even in extreme situations.
✓ COMFORTABLE & ADAPTABLE to any face shape. Thanks to the adjustable noseband and fastening straps, the dust mask is comfortable and can be adapted to any face shape, even when used with other personal protective equipment, such as glasses, safety helmets, hard hats, ear muffs or goggles.

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